Solar plant

Making a positive impact everywhere we go.

China Three Gorges Europe places sustainability, environmental awareness and social responsibility at the heart of its business operations.

Protecting and conserving the environment and promoting well-being and economic growth within communities have always been priorities for China Three Gorges Europe, since the company’s very inception. 


We contribute to decarbonization through an unwavering commitment to the society and to the countries in which we operate. Environmental and social issues need contributions from us all, and companies cannot and should not remain on the sidelines.

CTG Europe is aware of the essential role that businesses play in creating a fairer and more sustainable world. We believe in equal opportunities and we have been investing in a number of social projects related to education, humanitarian and solidarity aid, the fight against poverty and the protection of vulnerable groups. 

China Three Gorges Europe is strongly committed to protecting the environment, the conservation of nature, and the mitigation of the devastating effects of climate change. We do our best to contribute to the reduction of air, water and land pollution, and promoting the efficient use of natural resources through process improvements and responsible operating practices.

For all these reasons, China Three Gorges Europe has invested in many environmental initiatives and wants to continue doing so, promoting sustainable development practices not only with the main objective of contributing to its environmental improvement, but also to its competitiveness.

In our industry, health and safety are two key elements for the job performance of our employees.

China Three Gorges Europe, faithful to its principles of collaborating towards a safer and healthier world, is strongly involved in the working conditions of its employees in plants and offices. We always make sure that we operate within the highest standards of healthy and safe work.